Updates to MongoDB University: March, 2020

Hi there! Mary here from the MongoDB Education team :wave:. I’d like to share several updates we’ve made to MongoDB University with you all:

  • Users now have access to the entirety of a course’s curriculum, including chapters and exercises, from the moment they enroll. While we recommend going through the content sequentially, this change will allow users to access specific content within a course at any time.

  • There are no longer weekly deadlines. This will allow users to learn at their own pace.

  • Users now have two months to complete a course upon enrollment.

These changes have been applied to all our course offerings. We hope these changes will help users learn MongoDB with even more flexibility.

As we continue to work to improve MongoDB University, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below or reach out at university@mongodb.com.

P.S. – For those of you that aren’t familiar with MongoDB University, we offer completely free, online courses led by Curriculum Engineers! You can check our courses out at university.mongodb.com.


These are indeed great changes to MongoDB University and something students have been asking for since the first course was offered.


Thanks for sharing your feedback! Input from our students was certainly a major factor in the team’s decision to make these updates :slightly_smiling_face:.

Have you taken any courses or certification exams?

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Hi @Mary_Alati, I was part of the group that took the original set of courses and spent two years as an online TA just shortly after the courses were offered (2013 - 15). I did take part in, and passed, the beta for the MongoDB DBA certification as well.

I unfortunately haven’t taken any of the recent courses as life has kept me busy, but having the ability to take the courses when I have time will hopefully allow me to check the courses out again.


Fabulous updates, @Mary_Alati! I have personally struggled to stay on top of the weekly deadlines to complete courses, so I’m sure other learners greatly appreciate these changes too. That flexibility is especially critical now more than ever as more folks are leaning into kids at home during work time, demanding work schedules, and adapting to remote work. :+1:


thank you very much. Those were great changes.


Yes. This is great news.


Wow! Amazing to hear you were an early user and an online TA.

Hopefully, with these updates you’ll be able to dive into some of our new courses. If you do and have any feedback, I’d love to hear it!

Also, if you’re ever interested in taking the new Certification Exam just let me know!


Great changes. I struggled several times to complete the courses within the deadlines and were not able to complete it. But now it will be doable and will be able to prepare the best for my upcoming DBA exam. This also gives flexibility to complete the whole topic thoroughly, Like I can complete whole m103 and can go for m201, m310 which makes more sense then referring to just single chapter of each courses.


Thanks for the feedback Viraj! Excited for you to keep learning with MongoDB University. :smile:

When do you plan on taking the DBA Certification exam?


Any reason on demand access is being removed? It’s been amazing to pick a course and start immediately

Hi @jeremyfiel,

I just noticed your comment here. On-demand access has not been removed.

Is there a specific course you are unable to access?


hey @Stennie I had an email from the university team and they said it was expiring from last year’s World. If it’s not going away, that’s great news. I’m currently enrolled in M121 and M320 and working my way through each of them without any issues.

thanks for the reply!

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for clarifying the context. MongoDB University On-Demand access is a separate offering which provides access to courses outside of the scheduled sessions. On-Demand access is only available with an activation code which will have an associated expiry date. Typically this is provided as part of a support subscription or special offer.

It sounds like you received On-Demand access as a bonus for attending MongoDB World last year. Unfortunately that offer will have an end date, but there will be future opportunities to earn access.

The schedule for general course offerings has been expanded from March, 2020 (as per the announcement you are commenting on), so access to all course materials is now available upon enrolment and you have two months to complete a course without any weekly deadlines.