UpdateOne Result is Undefined once Deployed to Heroku

I make an axios call from my front-end to my Express backend, which contains the following code. In my Development environment, everything works perfectly and a nonce is returned to the front-end. However, once my app has been deployed to Heroku and my Mongodb database to the Mongo Atlas platform, the “result” returns as undefined, although I have confirmed that the database is being updated properly with a nonce. Why is this?

     app.post('/api/login', (req, res) => {
       nonce = nonceValue
       var updateValue = { $set: {nonce: nonce} }
      db.collection("Users").updateOne(query, updateValue, (err, result) => {
         if (result) { // Is Undefined
         } else {

This issue can be closed. I had a typo in a setting connecting to the Database.

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