Update timeseries collection

I have the following schema in a timeseries collection

  "timeStamp": {
    "$date": "2023-09-18T11:39:01.673Z"
  "company": {
    "campaignId": {
      "$oid": "6422f1598110d28c94ff5e79"
    "campaignName": "Another Yannis Campaign",
    "companyId": {
      "$oid": "63cfe44156386513a4012235"
    "companyName": "loc-LOCAL Yannis company",
    "ipaddress": "::ffff:",
    "page": "http://localhost:3006/",
    "placementId": "9d76c56531044ef2809337289d72db81",
    "placementName": "Home",
    "offer": "$offer"
  "_id": {
    "$oid": "650836d5153be58017be1f48"
  "event": "onofferview",
  "offer": {
    "offerName": "test tracking offer",
    "offerId": {
      "$oid": "646e0a4db2492b89d2775c67"
    "advertiserId": {
      "$oid": "63c7d80ba8659914c0050acc"

I want to copy object field “offer” which is outside, inside the meta field “company”. The reason is because I want to add advertiserId as index but is not currently supported by mongo due to limitations

I ve tried with


but creates a new field as string like that:


Is this possible on a timeseries collection?


Hi @Yannis_Ragkavas,

Presently, only these operations are allowed for time-series meta-only updates. The arbitrary updates may get added in future versions.

However, if this feature is important to you, I would recommend posting this type of feedback on the MongoDB feedback engine, where you and others can vote for it.


Thanks @Kushagra_Kesav

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