University Progress Erased?

I just logged back into MongoDB University after a 60 days and it appears all my progress in “Introduction to MongoDB” is erased. I only have a button to “Register” for the course which I am now afraid to click if there is any hope of getting my previous progress back (I had completed all the way through and including aggregation). Is there anyway to get my progress back and would clicking the “Register” button make that harder or easier to resurrect?

please make sure you are “logged in”. this following link to the course shows, for me, “Register now” button on a private browsing tab, and “Continue” button when logged in.

Introduction to MongoDB Course | MongoDB University

your browser might also have a fat cache, so try also clearing the browser itself. try not to clear your passwords and other important data, only the cache. you may try this by opening developer tools (menu or F12 or right-click and inspect) then right-clicking on the “refresh button” to get “hard reset” and “empty cache and hard reset” options.

We have recently moved to a new LMS at Where you will find all of our courses, plus new ones. Transcripts have been transferred, and you can use your same login, however, if courses were not complete prior to December 2nd they were not transferred. Take a moment to explore our new LMS and be on the lookout for new courses coming soon.

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