Unity Android build fail, "Could not analyze the user's assembly"!

Just implemented Realm on Unity, and it works like charm on Editor.
However, upon build on Android, it fails within few seconds, Error message

Could not analyze the user's assembly. Object reference not set to an instance of an object UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object) RealmWeaver.UnityWeaver/UnityLogger:Error (string,Mono.Cecil.Cil.SequencePoint) RealmWeaver.Analytics:AnalyzeUserAssembly (Mono.Cecil.ModuleDefinition) RealmWeaver.Analytics/<>c__DisplayClass9_0:<.ctor>b__2 () System.Threading._ThreadPoolWaitCallback:PerformWaitCallback ()

I’ve searched all over the place, i found nothing related

What version of the initial SDK are you using?

11.2.0 , supposed to be latest one !

So there are no suggestions how to tackle this ?
Here’s a shot of my settings, dunno if it’s helpful

I’m traveling today but will try and investigate when I get more stable internet. In the meantime I asked the team to take a look, but between vacations and other tasks, it may take a day or two to find a workaround.

Sure man, I’m extremely grateful for your help :grinning:

Hi @Slim_Hidri, can you try to use the build at this link?
Here you can find a guide on how to install Realm from a tarball if needed.

This build will raise the error you encountered as a warning instead of an error, so you should be able to use Realm. It will also log the exception, so we’d be really grateful if you could create an issue in our repo with the error logs.

Let us know how it goes!

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Wonderful work Fernandino !
Happy to say it works perfectly !

There were no warning messages though in the logcat, no exceptions were logged either !
Just let me know how I can help you guys with this issue !

Hi @Slim_Hidri ,

Glad it works :slight_smile:
Regarding the error message, are you sure there is nothing in the build log either? I suppose that’s where the original error message showed up.

I couldn’t share the whole log file “New users cant send an attachment”, but i assume this is the warning log !

Let me know if that’s the right part !

@Slim_Hidri thanks a lot! That’s exactly the error. Now we can investigate further, thank you :smile:

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