UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: MongoError: Topology closed

Hey, I’m working on setting up a discord.js database (for a bot), and I’m getting this warning. https://sourceb.in/b51538378d

Example code for one of my commands is https://sourceb.in/ddd7c0aacb (I know there are some now unused variables. Just didn’t want to delete until change is complete)

I used to just store it all in a local file, but was informed that it’d be better to move it to a database. Nobody in the servers could figure out what was wrong.

Before, the bot worked and just said the warning. Now, it doesn’t work. I contacted discord.js support servers, and they said to contact you as it was an error on this end. Thank you!

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did you find the fix of this problem @Katz_Kingdom