Unexpected reduced download speed

Hello to all,
I have collection ‘categories’, around 500 records and size about 1.5MB.
Before: data was loaded around 1s
Now: data is loading about 15s (tested with code, postman etc - every time too slow)
What was changed: data was not changed at all , mongodb settings was not changed, code was not changed. Speed was dropped suddenly from 13/09/2021.
I am using free mongodb tier, no current subscription. Is it about limits of free subscription?

Hi @Il_Chi,

Is it about limits of free subscription?

There are some free (M0) and shared (M2 & M5) tier cluster limitations. More specific to your scenario, if you have exceeded the data transfer limitation of your cluster’s tier than Atlas throttles the network speed for the cluster(s) that have exceeded the limit.

On the documentation linked in my comment:

M0/M2/M5 clusters limit the total data transferred into or out of the cluster in a rolling seven-day period

You can try create a new project and new M0 tier cluster (as there is a limit of one free tier cluster per project) and try the same set of data & operations against the newly created test cluster. If it is working as per normal, it could suggest that you have exceeded the data transfer limits on your original cluster. However, as mentioned above, the data transfer measurements are on a roll seven-day period. If in a seven-day rolling period you are under the limits, you should not be experiencing any network throttling.



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