Unexpected highlights

When searching with autocomplete, for a query string of “stanf”, it would highlight word starting with “stanf”, which is expected. However, it would also highlight words like “publications” or “public”.

We did not set up any Synonym Mappings.

Any idea why those words are also highlighted?

Hey @williamwjs,

Can you provide the output including the highlights section for this scenario you’ve described? Please also provide the index definition + query used.

Look forward to your response!


I’ll probably see this in the output you provide but is the type value for the highlight for “publications” and “public” "text" or "hit"?


It is "hit"

(I am working on getting a test data for you to repro)

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Thanks for confirming William. Interested to see the test data in the repro / output you’re getting so will wait for those. I did see some hits when the words were right next to the autocomplete search term but I believe this may be expected as per the autocomplete / highlight example documentation:

Atlas Search matches a highlight hit more coarsely to your query terms when a highlighted path is referenced only in the autocomplete operators of the highlighted query.