Unable to write in one collection from database

Hi All,
I have a problem with only one collection on my mongodb replicaset. The Mongo DB Server version is 4.4.6. The collection is working since more than an year. The size of it is around 30 GB and the amount of documents is around 4.300.000. The issue is that all over sudden, I am not able to write and insert new data on this collection. I am able to delete and modify old data, but when trying to write - I receive timeout. There are no problems to write on the other collections in the same DB or to create new collections.
The replication status is OK and there is no lag between the nodes.

Could you please give me some advice what can I look for?

Thank you

check if your user privilege is changed to read only. or if you are logging in with a non-privileged user. or you are logging into a secondary node instead of a primary.

then check the log file at the time you are trying to write. check config file if there is a size setting from when the server/database was created. check the database itself from the shell if there is a size restriction on it.

a disk failure holding the file for this database might give an error on the primary, so check OS for such errors.