Unable to use mongodb vector atlas search with auto-merge RAG that includes hierarchical node parser and auto merging retriever

Below is the code

vector_store = MongoDBAtlasVectorSearch(client, db_name=db_name, collection_name=collection_name, index_name="autoprod_index", embeddings = embed_model)

for url in urls:
    company_name = extract_company_name(url)
    #AHL_loader = AsyncHtmlLoader(url)
    #AHL_docs = AHL_loader.load()
    url = os.path.join('/content/html_files',url)
    loader = UnstructuredHTMLLoader(url)
    data = loader.load()
    #AHL_docs_HTML2TEXT = htmlTotext.transform_documents(AHL_docs)
    doc = Document(text = data[0].page_content)
    #doc = Document(text=AHL_docs_HTML2TEXT[0].page_content)
    parser = HierarchicalNodeParser.from_defaults(chunk_sizes=[2048, 512, 128])
    nodes = parser.get_nodes_from_documents([doc])
    for node in nodes:
        node_embedding = embed_model.get_text_embedding(
        node.embedding = node_embedding
        node.metadata['company_name'] = company_name
        node.metadata['url'] = url

index = VectorStoreIndex.from_vector_store(vector_store)#, storage_context = storage_context)
storage_context = StorageContext.from_defaults(vector_store=vector_store)
postproc = None
reranker = SentenceTransformerRerank(top_n=3)
base_retriever = index.as_retriever(similarity_top_k = 3, filters = MetadataFilters(
            ExactMatchFilter(key="metadata.company_name", value="grail"),
            ExactMatchFilter(key="metadata.url", value="/content/html_files/https.grail.com.html")
retriever = AutoMergingRetriever(base_retriever, storage_context=storage_context, verbose=True)
#response_synthesizer = get_response_synthesizer(response_mode='tree_summarize')
node_postprocessors = [postproc, reranker]
node_postprocessors = [processor for processor in node_postprocessors if processor is not None]
query_engine = RetrieverQueryEngine(retriever, node_postprocessors=node_postprocessors)

summary_whole = query_engine.query("Who is the CEO of grail? Answer if you are 100 % sure.")

It’s giving this error

ValueError: doc_id 7109edf3-cbda-4c55-9c34-a5a18c14aea1 not found.

Where this doc id is present in the actual mongodb collection. Attaching the screenshot as proof. If I just use base_retriever in the query_engine, then i get not good errors. Also, most of the tutorials of llama index+auto merging retriever are taking stuff from documents/chunks/nodes and/or vector store.

I’m sorry - it’s not clear to me what you’re asking. Can you give some additional details and possibly provide sample documents showing the data, and the encoded embeddings (or some at least). Also, please make sure you have the created (specifically) a vector search index on the embeddings field you’re referencing in the example. The vector search index name must match.