Unable to use/manipulate realmresults in flutter

Hello guys,

I have been getting error “Instance of …” while trying to print out the return of:

NB: I’m using Atlas Device Sync and I have successfully written to the database.
But to get them out I did:

        getAllItems() {
            try {
              final getIt = realm.all<CustomerData>();
              CustomerData data = getIt[0];
              print(" here is it ${data}");
              return data;
            } on RealmException catch (e) {

I called getAllItems with a provider, as in:

verifyStart(context) async {
  final getAll = await Provider.of<CustomerNotifier>(context, listen: false)


All I kept getting was INSTANCE OF CUSTOMER DATA, but I need the real data.

Thanks in advance.

Any help will be well appreciated. Thanks