Unable to update Mongo Path environment variable

Unable to update Mongo Path.

I am using Catalina and there was no .bash_profile in the machine so I created one with below text:

export PATH=“~/mongodb-macos-x86_64-enterprise-4.2.1/bin:$PATH”

Existing PATH value:

Even after quitting terminal I still see the old PATH. Don’t see the bash profile impacting the PATH variable. I do not know where else I need to update the PATH.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ashwini_89251,

Can you please have a look at this post and update the path by following the instructions mentioned in this post ?

Hope it helps!

If the issue still persists then please feel free to get back to us. Happy Learning :slight_smile:

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Hi Shubham,

Thank you! That just worked perfect! Happy learning indeed!

I now see below:

echo $PATH


When I login to mongo I see below:

$ mongo --nodb

MongoDB shell version v4.2.1

Welcome to the MongoDB shell.

For interactive help, type “help”.

For more comprehensive documentation, see


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