Unable to retrieve objects from realm local database

I’m unable to query my database Item in order to retrieve an array of objects.
when I run this function const items = await (await realm).objects("Item"); I get this in return:

First, you don’t need the awaits in order to retrieve your object. const items = realm.object("Item") is enough.

The object items is a managed collection i.e., it is not a plain JavaScript array. You can still do items[0] to get the first object, etc.

The benefit of a managed collection is that it is live and lazy loaded. You can read more about it in the documentation.

Is it possible to export a single mongo instance and use it other files?

Yes, you can use items elsewhere. Actually, items is a live object.

What i mean is i’m trying to export useRealm and use it other files:

import Realm from "realm";
import { getRealmApp } from "../functions/realmConfig";
import { ItemSchema } from "./itemSchema";

const app = getRealmApp();

const user: any = Realm.User;

const useConfig = {
  schema: [ItemSchema], //other schema will be added in the future
  sync: {
    user: user.apiKeys,
    partitionValue: user.name,

export const useRealm = Realm.open({
  schema: [ItemSchema],
  sync: {
    user: user.prototype,
    partitionValue: app.currentUser?.id!,
    error: (e) => {

@Tony_Ngomana see my response in your other thread.

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