Unable to push graphql custom resolvers with same field_name by realm-cli

I have 2 custom resolvers which resolve owner user data for different parent types
it’s defined like this (the on_type is different for another parent type)

    "field_name": "ownerData",
    "function_name": "resolveOwnerData",
    "input_type_format": "",
    "on_type": "Template",
    "payload_type": "User",
    "payload_type_format": "generated"

when I run realm-cli, it shows error

push failed: must specify unique names when importing CustomResolvers; duplicate name: ownerData

if I change one field_name to another different string, it can be pushed normally

Moreover, I tried to create a custom resolver in realm web UI, it can be created normally, both resolvers have the same field name

And then I export the app from the web UI, unzip it and try to push it again, it shows the same error as above

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