Unable to perform local install in WSL Ubuntu

I’m on Windows 11. I have enabled WSL for Ubuntu. I used the link given below to perform local setup on WSL.
Create a Local Atlas Deployment — Atlas CLI (mongodb.com)
The Atlas CLI version is

atlascli version: 1.14.0
git version: c347c5eeeb38487eee13915194f98d91a8fdfb0b
Go version: go1.21.4
os: linux
arch: amd64
compiler: gc

I get the below error

venkat@SriNarasima:/mnt/c/Users/heman$ atlas deployments setup
? What type of deployment would you like to work with? local

[Default Settings]
Deployment Name   local7409
MongoDB Version   7.0
Port              27017

? How do you want to set up your local Atlas deployment? default
Local deployments are not supported on this OS, to see local deployments requirements visit https://www.mongodb.com/docs/atlas/cli/stable/atlas-cli-deploy-local/.
Creating your cluster local7409
1/2: Starting your local environment...
2/2: Creating your deployment local7409...
Error: network ip range was not found

Please help me with the same

Per: https://www.mongodb.com/docs/atlas/cli/stable/atlas-cli-deploy-local/#supported-os-for-local-atlas-deployments

:information_source: Windows and Ubuntu are not fully supported for local Atlas deployments during the Public Preview stage.

I also doubt that WSL will be supported.

I get the same error even while deploying the same on docker also. I have windows 11 with WSL enabled and docker desktop installed. What are my options to install Atlas. I need to test something with vectorSearch OpenAI