Unable to locate Atlas cluster, myAtlasClusterEDU in the current Atlas project

Please either create a new dedicated Atlas account for your MongoDB University learnings or use ‘atlas config set project_id ’ in the terminal to switch the Atlas project with your Atlas cluster, myAtlasClusterEDU. Please visit ‘Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas’ MongoDB Courses and Trainings | MongoDB University, if you are unsure of the next steps. this is the rest of the message i achieved every step and logged in into my account but the terminal does not let me cross anymore idk why can someone help me i have to finish this course

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for reaching out.

The myAtlasClusterEDU cluster is under the MDB_EDU project in you Atlas Account. The project can be selected from the dropdown menu on the left of the navigation bar (under the Atlas logo).

If you can’t find the MDB_EDU project, please try the lab again. If the issue still persist please email the MongoDB University team at learn@mongodb.com as they will be in a better position to assist.


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yes i did selected once i get the authorization but i did it in the practice lab as it appeared me the option, anyway ill do it under my atlas account in my browser to see if i can solve it that way thanks for the early answer :slight_smile:

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