Unable to load dynamic library 'php_mongodb.dll'

I am using php 8.2 and laravel 10 i try to connect mongodb atlas but show driver error i am download new php_mongodb.dIll file but show the driver error why , mongo db not supported in php 8.1,8.2.

This is my first time connect php.

Hi @Anandu_Ghosh

Can you post the error that you are getting?

For your reference, here’s a quick start guide on Laravel and MongoDB - https://www.mongodb.com/docs/drivers/php/laravel-mongodb/current/quick-start/

i am download the dill file and put in ext folder and change in php.ini file like extension=php_mongodb.dll , extension=php_mongodb, extension=mongodb but in phpinfo there not showing mongo, we run any cmd that time

Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘php_mongodb’ (tried: C:\xampp2\php\ext\php_mongodb (The specified module could not be found), C:\xampp2\php\ext\php_php_mongodb.dll (The specified module could not be found)) in Unknown on line 0

Issue in php driver not in laravel, laravel side ok only the driver issue, driver not showing

Which version of the extension are you using? Which dll file are you downloading exactly? Is it matching your machine architecture and PHP version?

i use php_mongodb-1.17.2-8.1-nts-x64.zip and php_mongodb-1.17.2-8.0-ts-x64.zip but not working…

As the documentation suggests, please ensure you are downloading the correct dll.
You mentioned the PHP version in use is 8.2 - please download php_mongodb-1.17.2-8.2 version matching your machine architecture.

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Yes, It’s working! Thank you …

I am not see that 8.2 package i only saw the 8.1 i put that one now it’s working


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