Unable to get Schema View


I am not able to get the schema view in Atlas.
The document view opens perfectly for me.
I am using the stable edition not the community one.

Please refer the ss belowschemadoubt1 schemadoubt2

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Are you using the latest version?
Try to click on analyze
If it is not giving results restart compass and see

Hi @Saptarshi_Ghosh_95875,

Adding to @Ramachandra_37567’s suggestion above. If after clicking on analyze in the main/center view of the Compass UI you are unable to get to the Schema View, try clicking on analyze (a 2nd time) in the upper right hand corner of the Compass UI. That should work. I’ve had to do this a couple of times myself in order to get to the Schema View.

Hope this helps:-)

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Thanks @Ramachandra_37567 and @juliettet for you suggestions.

I tried I after restarting the compass and I got the schema view.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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This issue is recurring

It probably lost connection during the process. I’m guessing you’re connected via Wifi, is it a fast connection?

Try again by refreshing the connection:

Or close and re-open Compass and try again.

Use the Analyze button next to Reset, not the one in the middle.

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Hi @Saptarshi_Ghosh_95875,

Are you connected to any corporate network / VPN network ?

If so, then are you able to make outgoing requests to all these three nodes ?


~ Shubham