Unable to find the assignment in my profile

Hello Sir/Mam,

I have completed the first chapter of MongoDB Basics, however I don’t see the assignment to complete and submit still, the due date of which is tomorrow.
Can anyone suggest how to find it out.


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Hi Aman_31407,

I checked and can see you have completed all the Labs and Quiz for Chapter 1.
Hope it helps!

Thanks, Kanika

Hi, Kanika. Is it possible to consider that about all the tasks of the first chapter M001 I have completed? I did not miss anything? Sorry, this is not obvious in the progress page. Regards, Victor.

Hi Victor_87198,

Thanks for the feedback Victor. We are already working on improving that.

And yes, it is possible to consider if you have done all the Labs mentioned in the Chapter 1 of M001. You must have seen Lab 1.1 - Lab 1.7 in Chapter 1, if in the Progress bar (in the horizontal line at bottom) you see all those Labs graded, then you have completed Chapter 1.

This time, I have confirmed that for you. You have completed the Chapter 1. :slight_smile: