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I have done some of the course on Mongo University and I am a professional experienced user and I want to increase skill level and learn more. I am trying to do the courses and when I try to start the labs and I am unable to find the correct connection string to be able to anything. I redid the intro course and could not find they very simple information I need.

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Please share the link to the course and the lab you are facing issues with.

Also, can you confirm if you have created a dedicated Atlas account for MongoDB University learning?


I am having a similar issue! First lab, I get a bash shell, enter my authentication code, then click CHECK and get invalid response. It is not clear, at least to me, what we are supposed to do in this window! This is before the lesson #3 quiz.

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Hi @Jeff_Westman,

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Could you email this to learn@mongodb.com with the quiz/labs link? The team will get back to you!


I am new to this so forgive me if this is incorrect. I am having same issue and wondered if you got an answer?

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Apologies for the late response!

Could you please provide me with the link to the lab you are having trouble with? Additionally, can you explain in detail the specific issues you are encountering while attempting the labs?


Dear, I’m having the same issue. I’ve already created ticket but maybe answer to my issue will be a help:

my link

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