Unable to create collection with storageEngine parameter


I’m trying to create a collection on a db inside an Atlas cluster (M0 sandbox, Mongo version 6.0.9) but I receive an error related to storageEngine parameter.

I’m using MongoDB Java driver 3.12.11, this is what I receive:

MongoCommandException: Command failed with error 8000 (AtlasError): ‘parameter storageEngine is disallowed in create command’

I tried also from shell:

db.createCollection("test", {capped: false, storageEngine: {wiredTiger: {configString: "block_compressor=snappy"}}})

and this is the response:

MongoServerError: parameter storageEngine is disallowed in create command

According to documentation that parameter seems supported when creating a collection. Is this a bug on Atlas?


Hi @Filippo_Muscolino

Some commands are restricted or disallowed in the shared tiers and sometime in all tiers.

All collections will be compressed with the snappy algorithm by default.