Unable to connect to MongoDb using Connection String Scheme "mongodb"

Hello Support,

We have created Serverless Cluster and we can connect to DB using SRV connection string but unable to use the Connection String Scheme “MongoDB” as below:


We have also added in Network Access List to connect from anywhere.

We are getting the following error: “The server is being accessed through a load balancer, but this driver does not have load balancing enabled”

Actually, we are trying to connect MongoDB in Gatsby Application using " gatsby-source-mongodb" plugin and we are unable to use SRV connection as Gastby is using mongo driver less that 4.1 so we can only connect using Connection String Scheme = “MongoDB”

Also, the same error we are getting in Mongo Compass as well.

Can you please help us?

Raman Kumar

Hi @Raman_Kumar

This is a community forum, not official Atlas support, though MongoDB employees do participate in these forums.

If you want Atlas support, there’s a dropdown on your Atlas dashboard for that:

Though I would say that it sounds like the driver you are using is not up to the task.

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Hi @Raman_Kumar

A serverless instance is not going to work in this situation. As the error suggest the option loadBalanced=true is needed and this requires a driver version higher than what you have available.

A shared or dedicated instance should work.