Unable to connect to atlas using compass via ssh with identity file


We are currently facing difficulties connecting to Atlas using MongoDB Compass via SSH with the identity file option. We are encountering an error stating “All configured authentication methods failed.”

In our troubleshooting process, we have already converted our RSA key to a .pem file format. Additionally, we have whitelisted the IP address of our Baiston server in the Atlas network access settings.

Interestingly, we are able to establish a connection by using the CLI by SSH to our Baiston server, followed by the ‘mongo connect’ command.

To assist us in resolving this issue, we would appreciate any further details or error messages you can provide.

Hi @Rahul_Sawaria and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

In order to debug the issue, it would be helpful if you could share the below details which would help me reproduce the issue:

  1. The steps or the documentation followed to create the SSH and create the connection.
  2. The Compass version you are using.
  3. The hardware specification example, the OS and the version you are using.

In the mean while, you can take a look at the post that mentions a similar issue and has solution to the same.


Hi @Aasawari
Thanks for reaching out.

1.) I have followed this doc to generate the ssh key

2.) Mongo db compass Version -1.37.0 (1.37.0)
3.) Macbook pro with M1 chip (Os - ventura 13.2.1)

Thanks & Regards!