Unable to connect to Atlas BI Connector

I am using Atlas and have enabled BI Connector for my cluster.
On Windows PC, I have installed the mongoldb odbc driver.
When I try to add a DSN by providing host, port, user, password.
I get an error when trying to connect.
Error -> [MySQL][ODBC 1.4(w) Driver]SSL connection error: protocol version mismatch"
I have tried both 64/32 bit drivers and 1.0,1.1,14. versions of the driver as well without much luck. Pls advice.

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To confirm:

Thank you!

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Hi Jeffrey,
I am using Windows 8.1.
I tried version 1.4 as well as 1.1.
I installed and reinstalled the VC++ re-distr… 2015.
I intend to use Power BI. But can’t create DSN yet.

We are also facing same issue but ODBC version 1.2 (a). Can you please let us know how this can be resolved.

i’m also facing the same problem

To be specific

  • Using Atlas
  • ODBC V1

I found the solution.

Don’t use master account. We need to create database user and use that user in ODBC. However make sure the user can access anywhere and that can be set as

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