Unable to complete lab

unable to check and complete following lesson practice
Lab: Managing Databases, Collections, and Documents in Atlas Data Explorer

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Are other labs working fine so far?

It would be helpful if you can find some error messages to follow. Have you checked the browser developer tools console for possible ones?

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Hi I have the same issue, unfortunately the only error message is, “The users collection document count was incorrect. Please try again.”

When i check console logs, there doesn’t seem to be any helpful info, only that some cookies are not allowed.

How to proceed in the course other than skipping the lesson?

I had the same issue. Found solution here: Lesson 3: Lab 1, cannot submit *SOLVED*

Change project to MDB_EDU as the lab opened Project0. Verification will work if you complete in the MDB_EDU project

Hello @Christian_Long/@Eric_Wong1,

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As @Kevin_Silver mentioned please make sure that you are working on the correct project, i.e., MDB_EDU. Then, reload the sample dataset and generate the mdbuser_test_db database. Lastly, create the users collection and insert the first document.

If the issue persists please share the link to the lab and explain what specific issue you are encountering.


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