Unable to add a database trigger to an app connected to M2 cluster

I am trying to add a database trigger to an app which is connected to an M2 mongodb cluster and got a message saying ‘maximum database trigger count for cluster size=‘M0’ is 5’.

I have several apps connected to this cluster but have less than 10 triggers configured, which is the limit for M2.

Another strange issue is that when I configure the trigger, on the list of clusters I see an empty list item that I am able to select but without a name.

I have 2 set of apps, one connected to an M0 cluster for dev and one connected to M2 for production.


Hi @michael_schiller,

Was this an M0 which was upgraded to M2? If so, can you try make a change to the settings in the Realm App UI (such as enabling/disabling Wire Protocol Connections) and then deploying? I believe this should make Realm aware of the changes.

Kind Regards,


Thank you, that solved the issue :+1:


Happy to help Michael and glad to hear it’s resolved the issue! Please consider accepting this answer as the solution for future users if possible :slight_smile:

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