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Which versions (4.0.x, 4.2.x, 4.4.x, etc) do you plan to support on 20.04 and when can we expect the packages to be available? Thanks.

HI @Jean-Francois_Lebeau,

Ubuntu 20.04 packaging and testing work is planned for the MongoDB 4.4 release cycle.

Depending on your system architecture, relevant issues to watch for updates are:

I cannot currently offer more precise timing, but issue states in Jira will change as work progresses. For example, SERVER-44070 for x64 platform support is currently in progress.

We typically do not create new packages and test environments for O/S releases that predate a MongoDB server release, so I would not expect MongoDB 4.0 or 4.2 packages for Ubuntu 20.04.


Server says as resolved but can’t find documentation for mongodb installation for ubuntu focal 20.04

Hi @Dilber_P_Shakir,

It looks like the JIRA ticket for the documentation is unresolved at this time and still in external review.

Thanks for the reply.
Can you share link to status tracker?
The above link was supposed to track the development in repository which said completed on 4th may, still documentation is lagging.
Expecting it soon.

Hi @Dilber_P_Shakir ,

The fixVersion for this server issue currently indicates 4.5.1 and 4.4.0-rc4 . That means a technical issue is addressed as of those specific releases. MongoDB 4.4.0 is currently in Release Candidate stage, so not recommended for production deployments. MongoDB 4.5.1 is an early development/unstable release of work in progress for the future 4.6 major release series (see MongoDB Versioning for more info).

@Doug_Duncan pointed at the relevant issue (DOCS-13629) tracking the documentation update. You can also find this referenced in the Issue Links on the original issue (SERVER-44070 “is documented by” …).

It looks like the technical packaging work is complete but waiting on final testing and documentation.

If you want to follow progress on the documentation update you can Watch the issue directly in Jira.

Note: when a documentation issue is resolved, the change will go into the next documentation refresh and may not appear immediately. However, there shouldn’t be a significant delay from that point.



Unfortunately I have no idea when the documentation will be updated. The JIRA link I provided was for the documentation project. Once that ticket gets closed then I would imagine it won’t be long before it gets merged into the public documentation.

I see that the wonderful @Stennie has provided better information while I was typing the above out. :wink:

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