Trouble with roles in the cluster

Hello guys, I have a trouble. I created a new user in the cluster and applied ROLES (only “READ” few databases), unfortunately when I acess this user all databases is showed. How Can I resolve it ?

what you mean by this? which command?

Also did you confirm indeed authentication is enabled on the server?

I’m using NoSQLBooster, databases are showed beside on the screen without command. I wrote a normal script and ran this script. Is Autthentication enable on the server only by admin ?

  1. What was the script that you ran?
  2. Are you logged in as the new user? If you are can you read from all databases or just the ones that you gave access to?

1- This is the script that I ran, It’s a example.

user: “x”,
pwd: “xy”,

 roles: [{"role":"read","db":"database"}]


2- Yes I’m logged as the new user. I applied only “read” roles, but this user read all databases.

Perhaps, Is problem the authentication ? Each new user I need to add a authentication ?