Trigger is not triggered after document updated


I created a trigger and attached with eventbridge
it was working fine for the first time
then i disabled it for 15 days

after that when i enabled it,

  1. it wasn’t triggering event bridge
  2. so i deleted existing trigger and created everything fresh

now when i update any document, it is not getting triggered at all

trigger configs

  1. Skip Events On Re-Enable: on
  2. Event Ordering: on
  3. Operation Type: update
  4. Full Document: off
  5. Document Preimage: off
  6. Select An Event Type: EventBridge
  7. Enable Extended JSON: off

Please provide suggestions

can anyone help with this?
it has blocked production.

What does your application code look like that is performing the update? Are you sure that you’re not performing a replace?

It wasn’t replace
I set Full Document: off and was adding match expression in advanced option
it is working after I set Full Document: on
sorry for the trouble