Too many connections to MongoDB


How can I move on to next chapters if I’m still getting problems with mongo compas like:. Too many connections to MongoDB or Client is stall and so on.

More interesting errors:
server received an error {“name”:“MongoError”,“message”:“read ECONNRESET”}

Too many connections to MongoDB.

If the problem will persist till next day I give up with this course. It makes no sense to continue.

7 hours later and still Too many connections to MongoDB.
Super solution:joy:

@Kanika this is a new one for me.

Know issue? Is someone DoS-ing the shared cluster? Or are there simply too many students?

Sorry for your trouble marekbar.

Maybe because of traffic issues, you were getting the error. Can you please try restarting shell/compass and try again.

Let me know if you still face the issue. Please share the screenshot for more clarity.


Hi Tess_Sluijter,

New for me too as I don’t see any huge traffic over this weekend. We have taken care of the connection limit as per student count only.

It was not close to the maximum connection limit.


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