TLS, X509 keeps reconciling

Hello All,

I have created MongoDB OPS manager using Kubernetes. I created simple deployment and then have enabled the TLS and X509 by creating required certificate. After that I have updated the .yaml file with required changes to make it TLS and X509 enabled.
Now when I check the logs I keep getting below error

 message: 'Failed to create/update (Ops Manager reconciliation phase): Status: 400
    (Bad Request), ErrorCode: INVALID_ATTRIBUTE, Detail: Invalid attribute tls specified.'
  observedGeneration: 2
  phase: Reconciling
  version: 4.2.2-ent

ALso this is an intermittant error. And then I keep getting status as reconsiling. There are no erroes in agent logs.

Please can someone help me how can I check the error (if there is any).