Timeouts connecting to restored sharded cluster

Having issues with timeouts just running simple list collection functions after restoring a sharded cluster. I have 6 shards + configdb. After restoring all the data directories and start the cluster everything starts and connects but mongo shell will not pull data, yet I can see sh.status() output. Most of the errors on the mongo shell are “NetworkInterfaceExceededTimeLimit” running something simple like “show collections”. I see on the configdb it has a bunch of errors in general about " *Command on database config timed out waiting for read concern to be satisfied.**". I did not restore this cluster with 3 replicas each like the original cluster. It only has a single replica per shard and 1 configdb and all have an appropriate PRIMARY elected. Does a restored cluster need all replicas restored even if each shard has a primary host? This is version 3.6.16.

I am seeing the same problem with 3.6, did you find a resolution?