Time Series collection limitation still present in version 7.0

Hello everyone,

I just installed MongoDB version 7.0 on my machine (MacOS with Apple M1) , because I wanted to test some features for time series collections.

I have a time series collection for which I want to delete a list of documents based on their ids.
For my understanding this should be possible with version 7.0, since most limitation on deletes operations have been deleted, as explained in the changelog.

The operation I would like to execute is something like

db.my_collection.deleteMany({_id: {$in: <my_ids_list>}}) 

Unfortunately this is still not permitted and the operation fails, returning the error “Cannot perform an update or delete on a time-series collection when querying on a field that is not the metaField ‘meta’”

I would like to understand if I’m doing something wrong or if there is something not perfect with Mongo 7.0 since it’s still in release-candidate status.

Thanks in advance

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I solved the issue, now the deletion works well.
The problem was due to the fact that I had featureCompatibilityVersion set to 6.0, locking all the new Mongo 7.0 features