Time-Series collection error Timeseries ErrorCodes::TimeseriesBucketCleared

My service has 6 threads and concurrently write to a Time-Series collection using InsertMany. My mongo server is a replica set with one primary and one secondary. After few successful insertions, in the mongo db server log I’m getting this error then the server is shutdown. And I didn’t use any transaction in my code.

{"t":{"$date":"2021-10-25T16:24:03.520+07:00"},"s":"F", "c":"-", "id":23081, "ctx":"conn66","msg":"Invariant failure","attr":{"expr":"batchStatus == ErrorCodes::TimeseriesBucketCleared || batchStatus.isA<ErrorCategory::Interruption>()","msg":"Unexpected error when aborting time-series batch: WriteConflict: WriteConflict error: this operation conflicted with another operation. Please retry your operation or multi-document transaction.","file":"src/mongo/db/timeseries/bucket_catalog.cpp","line":381}}

What is happening to my mongo server and how can I solve this? I try to google it but did have any luck