Thread Performance Checker: Thread running at QOS_CLASS_USER_INTERACTIVE waiting

We recently starting getting a crash while working on our project, which is macOS Realm Partition based (currently).

I created a new XCode project which only two functions (outside of authenticating) and the issue duplicates but is somewhat intermittent.

Thread Performance Checker: Thread running at QOS_CLASS_USER_INTERACTIVE waiting on a lower QoS thread running at QOS_CLASS_DEFAULT. Investigate ways to avoid priority inversions

There is a git on a similar issue

My total code in the app is straight from the Partition Documentation

func getRealm() async throws -> Realm {
    let user = try await getUser()
    let partitionValue = "my_partition"
    let config = user.configuration(partitionValue: partitionValue)
    let realm = try await Realm(configuration: config)
    return realm

and then a button to write a TaskClass object

func handleTestButton0() {
    let t = TaskClass() = "some random task"
    t._partitionKey = "my_partition"
    Task {
        let realm = try await getRealm()
        try! realm.write {

The end result is the data is written to Realm and Sync’s but crashes add the realm.add(t) line.

The git issue has not been touched in over a year and is still open and unresolved - is this still the appropriate “fix”?

What you need to do is go to Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme to display the scheme editor. Select the Run schemes, navigate to the Diagnostics section, and unselect the Thread Performance Checker tool checkbox

XCode 14.3.1
macOS 13.4.1
Realm 10.41.0
pods/cocoapods fully updated, deintegrated, pod install all successful
project cleaned, Mac Studio restarted tried again
… problem persists