The users collection document count was incorrect. Please try again

Hi, I have ran across a problem early into this coursework. Here are some screen shots of my errors.

The guide mentions to insert this document in the JSON option field:

“name”: “Parker”,
“age”: 28

I have provided the error screen shot as well as what my JSON looks like. (im a new user, i can only post one media file.)


Here is my error message

Hi :wave: @Kenny_Nguyen,

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Based on your shared screenshot, I can see you are in PROJECT 0. Make sure that you are working on the correct project, i.e., MDB_EDU. Then, reload the sample dataset and generate the mdbuser_test_db database. Lastly, create your users collection and insert your first document.

If the issue persists please share the link to the lab and explain what specific issue you are encountering.


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