The Journey of #100DaysOfCode - springboot mongoDB

Hello everyone, I started an example app using Spring Boot, MongoDB, and Swagger. Would love to get your feedback. The initial version only has a Get method. I’ll be adding create, update, and delete methods.


Hello @Shahriar_Bourbour, :wave:

Welcome to the #100DaysOfCode Journey, Super excited to have you join us :partying_face:

I am Community Manager, Mobile here at MongoDB and recently became a code wrangler on my 10th/100 day of code :sunglasses:

I am on the adventure of #100DaysOfCode along with fellow colleagues @Stennie_X , @Kushagra_Kesav and @Jason_Nutt who are super inspiring and amazing people. The extra excitement is added by my super amazing mentor @Stennie_X who started his journey 100 days away from his 10 years at MongoDB :sparkles: :partying_face:

You can follow our journies here:

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The Journey of #100DaysOfCode(@im_Kushagra)

I would suggest adding your Twitter handle as well on your topic header :grin:

I can’t wait to hear more from you… :smiley:

Welcome again to MongoDB Community :handshake:

Cheers :performing_arts:

PS: If you fancy, read about me :grimacing:


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