The Journey of #100DaysOfCode (@raybachas)

Hi everybody :wave:

I got inspired by the call made by @henna.s and your recent posts regarding #100daysofcode and decided to start myself :piñata:.

I’m in the process of learning #Rust :crab: and #golang and decided to use this very nice iniciative to increase my knowledge in these languages.

I have decided to share my learnings within its corresponding repository and some in my personal blog. These learnings are documented in Spanish (my mother tongue) because I want to increase the number of contributions in this language and reach those that do not speak English fluently :slight_smile:.

You can find the corresponding repositories here:


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Hi @Raymundo_63313,

This is great! I’m also a native Spanish speaker, and also learning Rust now. I’ll have a look at your code and will “steal” it!

We just updated this QuickStart to use MongoDB from Rust, in case you’d like to give it a try! Quick Start: Up and Running with Rust and MongoDB

Also, if you fancy a Podcast about all things development in Spanish we got you covered too: @unicodeu00d1 | Linktree

Keep us updated about your progress here!



Hey @Diego_Freniche ,

Awesome links man!

For sure will be giving a try to Mongo DB on Rust, it’s one of the topics that i’m looking forward as it’s a main component in my day to day life.

I’ve been listening to the Mongo DB podcast already for a while and did not know that you guys have a Podcast in Spanish!

Thanks for sharing!



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