The journey of #100DaysOfCode (@anshul_bhardwaj)

#Day39 of #100daysofcode

Today I revised NPM and its basics, apart from that I installed various packages and worked on the provided codes for better understanding of the topic.


#Day40 of #100daysofcode

Today I revised introducing express, request and response objects, express basic routes, express path parameters, working with query strings and Auto-restart with nodemon.


#Day41 of #100daysofcode

Today I revised basics of templating, , configuring express for EJS, setting the views directory, EJS interpolation Syntax and passing data to templates.


#Day42 of #100daysofcode

Today I revised Subreddit template demo, conditionals in EJS, loops in EJS, serving static assets in Express, Bootstrap+Express and EJS and Partials.


#Day43 of #100daysofcode

Today I learnt about Get vs Post Requests, defining Express Post Routes, parsing the request body, introduction to rest, RESTful comments overview, RESTful comments Index, RESTful comments new, Express redirects, RESTful comments show, UUID packages, RESTful comments update, express method override and RESTful comments delete.


#Day44 of #100daysofcode

Today I learnt about Introduction of databases, SQL and No SQL, MongoShell, BSON, Inserting
,finding , deleting, updating with MongoDB and additional MongoDB operators.


#Day45 of #100daysofcode

Today I learnt about basic introduction of Mongoose, how to connect Mongoose with MongoDB, my first Mongoose Model, finding, updating and deleting with Mongoose and insert many feature.


#Day46 of #100daysofcode

Today I learnt about Mongoose schema validations, additional schema constraints, validating Mongoose updates, Mongoose validation errors, model instance methods and adding model static methods.

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#Day47 of #100daysofcode

Today I learnt about Mongoose virtuals, defining Mongoose middleware, creating model, product index, product details, create products, updating products, tangent on category selector, filtering by category and deleting products.

#Day48of #100daysofcode

Today I revised MongoDB and Mongoose chapters and brushed up my skills and knowledge with previously covered concepts like CRUD.

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