The Index #145 (March 27, 2024): World Tour, RDBMS Schemas, & Terraform

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Featured Post

Modernizing RDBMS Schemas With a MongoDB Document Model by Tim Kelly

In this tutorial, we’ll unravel the mysteries of MongoDB’s schema design, exploring how to harness its flexibility to optimize your data storage like never before, using the Relational Migrator tool!

Other Good Reads

:arrow_right: Building a Restaurant Locator Using Atlas, Neurelo, and AWS Lambda by Anaiya and Guru
:arrow_right: How to Build a RAG System Using Claude 3 Opus And MongoDB by Richmond Alake
:arrow_right: Build an E-commerce Search Using MongoDB Vector Search and OpenAI by Community Creator @ashiq_sultan

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:spiral_calendar: Mark Your Calendars

Every month, all across the globe, we organize, attend, speak at, and sponsor events, meetups, and shindigs to bring the DevRel community together. Here’s what we’ve got cooking:

Thailand Meetup: MongoDB Data Modeling Hands-on: March 29th
MUG Austin: Building RESTful APIs backed by MongoDB Aggregations: April 4
Google Cloud Next 24: April 9-11
Mumbai MUG: Generative AI with MongoDB and Google: April 12

View our full list of upcoming events.

We recently had MUGs in Bengaluru, Nairobi, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Munich, Helsinki, and Hyderabad! Many thanks to our leaders, presenters, and Community Champions/Creators for making it all happen, including @DarshanJayarama, @Felix_Omuok, @Lai_Kai_Yong, @Jayant_Acharya, and @Arkadiusz_Borucki.

:mortar_board: From Community Champions + Creators

:arrow_right: MongoDB Atlas With Terraform - Cluster and Backup Policies by Community Creator @Samuel_Molling
:arrow_right: MongoDB Compass — Convert Text into Queries with AI-Powered Natural Language by Community Creator @ricardohsmello
:arrow_right: Securing Your React App with Atlas App Authentication by Community Creator @markandey
:arrow_right: Exploring GenAI by Community Creator + AWS Community Builder @Krzysztof_Kakol
:arrow_right: AWSome Women Community Summit Brasil with @Danielle_Monteiro

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