The Data API seems to be extremely slow to update many documents

When using the data api it seems to be extremely slow when running an updateMany operation. An updateMany call that updates 589 records about 17 seconds when that same update through mongo shell or using the mongo sdk takes a couple milliseconds at most. At over 30k records the data api becomes useless as all update requests time out. I don’t seem to have this issue with any other operation. I would expect the data api would have similar performance to using the sdk or shell directly aside from receiving, parsing and responding to the HTTP request.

Here is my REST request if it helps:

	"collection": "products",
	"database": "floret-platform",
	"dataSource": "{{ _.API.DATA.SOURCE }}",
	"filter": {
		"organization._id": { "$oid": "636d28d827ae88d5420774b8" }
	"update": {
		"$set": { "organization._id": { "$oid": "636d28d827ae88d5420774b8" } }

Here is the log entry of the request from Atlas:

Hoping mdb engineers can chime in on this, is this still in beta?