The coupon is either applied before start date or after end date

Hello, I’m trying to get 50$ credit using my code provided with GitHub Student Pack, but I’m getting the error I mentioned in the title. Is there anyone who can assist? This code may be out of date, but I don’t remember using it.

Hi Enes, I’m going to reach out to you via DMs to try to resolve this issue.

I have the same problem can you help me by DM @Aiyana_McConnell ?

Hi Nicolas, sorry you’re experiencing this issue. Reaching out to you via DM right now.

I also have the same problem, moderators told me to contact you, can you help me in DM’s @Aiyana_McConnell

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums! Yes, I’ll reach out to you via DM.

As an update to anyone who might be experiencing this issue: Likely what is happening is the Atlas promo code has expired.

To avoid this issue, do not generate your Atlas code on your MongoDB for Students account until you are ready to apply it to your Atlas instance.

If you’re encountering this issue, feel free to post in this thread or create a topic in the forums with your issue and we will reach out to you to help resolve it.

Bruh how did it expire? Doesnt it last like github student pack? And my pack didnt expire yet

Unfortunately not. You typically have 6 months to apply the Atlas promotional code before it will expire. If you’ve already applied it to an Atlas instance, you have 12 months to use the credits. I will reach out to you about getting your code extended.

Same here, just generated a coupon but the same message, if you can contact me @Aiyana_McConnell ! :wink:

Yes, reaching out now.

Hey Aiyana, I’m facing the same problem, can you please help me out?

Indeed! I will reach out to via DM in a moment.

Hi Aiyana, I have the same issue with my coupon, if possible could you help me out?

Hi David. Yes, I will DM you shortly.

Hi Aiyana - I’m experincing the same trouble with my coupon, please can you assist?

Hi Muhammed,

Yes, DMing you shortly.

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