The amount of mongodb log is generated excessively

Hi guys!

I’m using mongodb 3.6.8 for log collection.
I want to get only slow query and error level logs.

I set profilinglevel to (1, 5000), loglevel to 1 for queries only and 0 for everything else.
However, looking at the log, more than 40 were being created like crazy per second.
If query is set to 0, nothing is created.

2022-03-03T14:49:52.060+0900 D QUERY    [conn196] Winning plan had zero results. Not caching. ns: graylog.grants query: { $or: [ { grantee: { $in: [ "grn::::user:local:admin" ] } }, { grantee: "grn::::builtin-team:everyone" } ] } sort: {} projection: {} winner score: 1.0003 winner summary: IXSCAN { grantee: 1, target: 1 }

One of the logs.

As far as I know, profiling level 1 only records slow queries.

If you are simply concerned about a large amount of data, you can cut the log appropriately and delete it, but I am sending the log to a log collection tool in real time.
The capacity of the server is also a problem, but the log accumulated in the log collection tool is also a problem, and it will be difficult to extract the desired information.

Is there any good way? :cry: