Text Index for numeric content of string field

I have a string field which contains alphanumerics like 00001 J I need to enable search on this field so I am trying to use the full text index to optimize the searching but it will only allows me to search the string content. So If I try to search the field with J am getting the document but while trying to search with 000 am not getting that document. Is there any other way to achieve my goal?

Hi @Bhargavi_Kasi - Welcome to the community.

Would the below example suit your use case?

  { _id: ObjectId("62f45b301bbceb4cf25ff2ab"), text: '00001 J' },
  { _id: ObjectId("62f45d981bbceb4cf25ff2ac"), text: '00001J' }

If so, please see the following documentation for more details.