Team 'Good News '


Project description

We are creating a web application that showcases good news from all over the world using the GDELT Dataset which categories its immense amount of data by Tone (amongst other categories).

The aim is to provide access to accurate information from all over the world that is SOLELY positive.

Project Repo

Check out our GitHub repo
N.B: Repo is currently private, but will be made public as soon as possible

Team Members:

Credit: @webchick for the amazing idea


Great - many thanks.

Your repo link is a 404 for me - perhaps it’s private?

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Hi @Shane_McAllister , Could you please check now. I made the repo public

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Great - works now. Many thanks


Hi @Shane_McAllister We would like to add another team member’s name. @Sucheta_Singha.

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I think we’re the ones in control of this, so I’ll go ahead and update the info above appropriately

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I’m not quite sure who to address this to, @Shane_McAllister but I have an issue.

While working on the visualization of the GDELT positive data that my team is concerned with, I discovered that the location data in the GDELT dataset is not well detailed.

What I mean is, I put the location coordinates e.g. "coordinates": [-81.717, 27.8333]" on Google Maps to check if the location returned will be the same as the location fullname (Florida, US for this example) and for some coordinates, it is accurate, but in others, I have to reverse the coordinate values to get the right location.

This is an issue because of the absence of a defined “longitude” and “latitude” property in the location field and it sort of introduces complications for me (some points are outside the map).

I’m just wondering if this is something I can be helped with?

Hi @Fiewor_John!

We’re following the GeoJSON standard here, so that array should be [longitude, latitude]. If you’re getting Florida events, but with those values reversed, then there’s something wrong. Can you provide me with the ID of an event with the values reversed, so I can see if it’s a problem with the source data, or something else?




Thank you for responding, Mark.
Here’s one that doesn’t return any location, but when reversed, returns the right location

      "Action": {
        "Geo_Fullname": "Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia",
        "Geo_CountryCode": "MY",
        "Location": {
          "type": "Point",
          "coordinates": [101.7, 3.16667]

Here’s another that returns the location of somewhere in Iran, but when reversed, returns the right location

      "Action": {
        "Geo_Fullname": "Chornobyl, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine",
        "Geo_CountryCode": "UP",
        "Location": {
          "type": "Point",
          "coordinates": [30.2225, 51.2736]
I'm testing using this: ``

Where’s the data stored? Are you using the gdelt_reshaper.js script to get it into this structure?

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I’m exporting from mongoDB compass after connecting to the cluster made available for the hackathon

Hmm. Okay, I think I know what may have happened - I’ll try to clear this up tomorrow!


Thank you! Looking forward to it

Hello Mark, just a reminder about this.
Thanks for the informative session earlier.