Talend 7.3 not able to connect to MongoDB Atlas

I have been trying to connect my Talend 7.3 version to the MongoDB atlas but it is giving errors. However , I am able to connect the MongoDB Cluster using Compass.

Error : “Timeout after 30000 ms while waiting to connect. Client view of cluster state is {type=UNKNOWN, servers=[{address=… , type=UNKNOWN …}]}”
I need to work in my current assignment to update and retrieve records from MongoDB atlas.

This is very urgent , any help would be highly appreciated.


Hi @satya_kumar ,

Welcome to the MongoDB community.

It looks like you’ve connectivity issue specifically from Talend to Atlas. However, You’re able to connect to Atlas from your local.

Based on that info, One of the reasons could be network settings of your Atlas cluster. You would have whitelisted your IP and wouldn’t have added Talend server IP or CIDR range that it flows traffic through.

I think you can follow one of the two things here:

  1. Remove the IP restrictions and allow access from everywhere in your Atlas cluster network settings
  2. Get the static IP on your Talend server or figure out the IP range that it uses to float the outbound traffic to and add that range to the whitelist of your Atlas cluster’s network configuration (Recommended way)

Feel free to post here if you’re facing issues in any of above steps or still have connectivity issues from your Talend instance.

All the best!

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Looks like Talend 7.3 version can’t connect to MongoDB Atlas , that’s what told by the Tech Support. Only Cloud version of Talend can connect to Atlas.

If anyone has any workaround , please suggest.