systemV script to start "mongodb-mms-automation-agent"


I’ve already installed opsmanager but when I try to install the agent (mongodb-mms-automation-agent) in my host using opsmanager console instructions I can´t start it. Neither in this Mongodb url:

The last step is start the service with systemctl command:

sudo systemctl start mongodb-mms-automation-agent.service

but my Ubuntu 22.04 works with systemv and I can´t start the service. Also I don’t find an /etc/init.d script to start with systemv nowhere.

Thank you.


The systemd unit file(/etc/systemd/system/mongodb-mms-automation-agent.service) has what you’d need to create an init file, otherwise the tarball installation has instructions that could be modified:

nohup /bin/bash -c "./mongodb-mms-automation-agent --config=local.config 2>&1 | ./fatallogger -logfile /var/log/mongodb-mms-automation/automation-agent-fatal.log" 2>&1 > /dev/null &


Thank you very much. With your help I could run the mms-automation agent. This was the command:

sudo nohup /bin/bash -c "/opt/mongodb-mms-automation/bin/mongodb-mms-automation-agent -f /etc/mongodb-mms/automation-agent.config -pidfilepath /var/run/mongodb-mms-automation/ 2>&1 | /opt/mongodb-mms-automation/bin/fatallogger -logfile /var/log/mongodb-mms-automation/automation-agent-fatal.log" 2>&1 > /dev/null &