Sync Url and Credentials


I am trying to implement syncing from my iOS app to the sync url.But in sync ( beta) , I have sync enabled but I don’t see the sync url or credentials for it. What is the credentials and serverURL that I need to provide below?

MongoDB Realm/apps//sync/config

[RLMSyncUser logInWithCredentials:credentials
onCompletion:^(RLMSyncUser *user, NSError *error) {
if (user) {
RLMRealmConfiguration *config = [user configuration];
[RLMRealm asyncOpenWithConfiguration:config
callback:^(RLMRealm *realm, NSError *error) {
if (realm) {
// …

How do I convert this from swift to objective-c

let app = App(id: “application-0-iiii”)
let user = app.currentUser()!
let partitionValue = “myPartition”
Realm.asyncOpen(configuration: user.configuration(partitionValue: partitionValue),
callback: { (maybeRealm, error) in
guard error == nil else {
fatalError(“Failed to open realm: (error!)”)
guard let realm = maybeRealm else {
fatalError(“realm is nil!”)
// realm opened

is there a way I sync automatically via applicationid only?

@Krikor_Herlopian We are working on a Obj-C guide but until then you can take a look at our API docs - for instance -

You can use anonymous auth if you dont want to login -

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