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I’ve built a couple of realm apps from the mongo examples. Both have received an email alert saying “Sync to MongoDB has been paused for your application”. I’ve looked through the logs and can’t see anything wrong, so just looking for some guidance on how to debug this. They are just part of the free tier as I start using Realm


This is going to be an internal issue from what I understand.

It’s probably not being caused by something you did. You can log into the console and check the logs to see what the error was - however, it’s usually pretty generic / unclear.

I believe they are aware of this ongoing issue but you may want to file a bug report if you have access

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Yeah I didn’t see any information pertaining to the error. But this makes sense, I didn’t think I could have done much as I followed two Realm tutorials and it happened in both. But good to know. My application (Task Tracker) incidentally still seemed to function correctly :smile:

I think pause sync and resume sync help resolve the problem. For development its fine but hope they know about this bug

Hey All - we are currently working on functionality in the UI that will give the operator the ability to know that sync is in a degraded state and allow the operator to restart the functionality. As well as file a ticket for us to investigate

Stay tuned



Good news. It would be good to know what would cause a degraded state from our (the developer) perspective and what we can do to prevent it / when to know to restart.

Also, please note that as we are trying out this technology, there is no way for us to file a ticket - only chat is available.

A chat can also file an issue for us internally

Somewhat related @Ian_Ward any timeline on the Swift UI version of the Task Tracker app? I realize we’re in flux between iOS 13/14 currently

Yes its here - Realm Cocoa 5.0 - Multithreading Support with Integration for SwiftUI & Combine

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