Sync has stopped between Atlas and Realm

From last few days I am getting a automated e-mail from The Body of the e-mail is:

Sync to MongoDB has been paused for your application:: {App Name}

Sync has encountered an issue which may be preventing changes from syncing in your application**{App Name}** . Your applications may not be able to Sync data until this issue has been resolved and Sync is paused/resumed.
Please use the following link to view your Sync configuration and address the problem:{:Link here}
For more information, you should view your [application’s logs].
For additional assistance with this issue, please raise a support ticket.

I am also presented with the following error in the Sync Configuration of Realm App.

I clicked on Restart Atlas Sync. But the message re-appear again. I manually paused sync and restarted it, but to no avail.
I don’t know how the problem came because the sync was working fine before. Now when I add data to the app it shows on Atlas cluster after few hours.
Further I deleted some data from atlas , but it still shows on client app. I am using dotnet SDK.

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Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, the forum is not the best way to assist you with this kind of issue.
Please, follow the instructions reported in the email that you received: open a support ticket and the right person will help you with your issue.

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